Saturday, July 18, 2009

This is why I will never meet anyone.

So today I was supposed to go to this singles group BBQ event, but I decided instead to go up to the mountains with my family and get peaches. We had a delightful time!

John, Sylvie and Jenny are cozy in the van!

Little Cael fell asleep on the way.

Check out the

On the way up to the mountains. How magnificent!

We finally arrived at the peach & apple orchard. They sold peaches (duh),


and corn.

Have you ever tried a peach pie like this?

In the orchard parking lot we met a very friendly horse.

The gang (minus Sarah and Ben) outside of the peach orchard. Check out the beautiful scene behind us!

Josh, Cael and Sylvie

Sylvie was trying to get Cael to laugh and look at the camera. She did not succeed.

We bought dozens of fresh peaches!

And a watermelon, too.

Esme was amazed at the size of her fritter. It was about the same size as her head!

Sylvie with her fritter.

Peach pie. Oh, and my sister Jenny.

Eli displays his tasty apple fritter.

Esme eating her apple donut. Mmm!

We were having such a great time after stopping for peaches that we decided to just keep going north. Fort Mountain was the next destination! We stopped at a scenic overpass. I was afraid one of the kids would roll down the mountain, but they didn't.

Scenic overpass---wow.

We saw some amazing fungus on a tree at Fort Mountain. The photograph does not do the color justice. This was actually various shades of a bright mustard yellow!

Handsome fellas: Joshua, Eli and John

Cael was happy in his stroller!

Skylar, aka "Monkey Woman"

Cicada exoskeleton...yuck! I mean, cool!

Can you say "loogie"?

A butterfly wing. John kept trying to blow it out of my hand. Little turd.

On the way back down the mountain we saw a baby black bear!

I mean, who wants to go to a crummy old singles group anyway? Pooh. ;)



camVIS said...

Don't get me wrong, BBQ is a wonderful thing, but if you can't meet anyone around a peach palace, then they're not worth meeting.

Moxie Tonic said...

You made the right choice! Looks like an incredible day, and much more fun than a singles what-have-you.

Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

What a delightful day it must have been! And your family is beautiful, by the way. :)

steven said...

Hmm, let me think on this -- Ok, done, Your decision is vastly superior to that of a Barbeque mixer. You saw a bear! I'd take a bear over a mixer.