Saturday, July 25, 2009

A new movie for my favorite list!

What a fantastic movie. Such purpose! Such perseverence! It left me feeling hopeful and confident.....and wishing that there were more people about with just a tiny bit of Howard Roark's passion and courage in this world.

The movie is about a fight for individualism in a country where the collective is beginning to take precedence over every other concern. Howard Roark, a brilliant architect and artist, is pummelled from all sides by the media and the public for his new, modern and ingenious architectual creations. Talent and vision must be squelched, for the good of the public. His determination and utter disregard for the public and his eventual and amazing success are a pleasure to watch.



steven said...

Do you think Mrs. Rand follows a formula?

Bessie B. said...

Yes, she definitely seems to.