Monday, June 22, 2009

Fiddling again!

I am so excited. I have officially begun taking fiddle lessons again. My teacher is a 78 year old fiddler who has been playing since the 1940's and teaching since 1955. I sat dumbfounded today in my first lesson as he casually talked about all of the famous musicians he has played with. He wasn't boasting, just chatting. He sat on an old couch and behind him hung about fifteen different awards and certificates, including inductions into the GA, NC and SC Music Halls of Fame. Crazy! He taught me a different way to hold my bow to relieve the tension in my thumb and prevent cramping. I'm hoping this will help with my tendinitis a little. We shall see...

I have my dress almost completed and will post some pictures soon! Let's just say that it turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it to!!! :D

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