Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Schedule of Sales at Bessie Miller Vintage

For those of you who are interested, I wanted to share the schedule of upcoming sales at Bessie Miller Vintage. :)  We are doing sales by the decade right now, which has been fun!  

This month: All sewing patterns from the 1930's-40's are 20% off

March: All sewing patterns from the 1950's are 20% off

April: All sewing patterns from the 1960's are 20% off

May: All sewing patterns from the 1970's-80's are 20% off

We will begin again in June with 30's-40's. ;)  

I may throw in a sale on vintage clothing and/or accessories as well in the near future!

Oh, and remember that I have a special discount code for my followers: BLOGGIN15

I hope you all have a lovely week!



Marie said...

Oh wow, what a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing, I'm a huge fan of your Etsy shop!

If we ordered a pattern in each of the months or so, could we request that you hold onto them and post them all in one go to save on the P&P?

Bessie M. said...

Hello Marie! Yes, I would be happy to hold on to patterns and post them at the same time. :) I completely understand wanting to save on postage, especially since it has gone up so much. :)

Marie said...

Brilliant, thanks so much!