Monday, January 14, 2013

New Items In The Shop!

Added some neat new things to the shop yesterday!  Here are a few...

Mid-century Peanuts ceramic figurines

 An awesome old Champ fedora

 Antique box of embroidery floss

 Lots of vintage hosiery, still in the package!

 Some Care Bear drinking glasses

 And a couple neat old souvenir glasses--I love this one from France!

Lastly, I have gotten back on track with my by-the-month pattern sales!  This month all patterns from the 70's-80's are 20% off.  Check 'em out here!  Oh, and don't forget my special discount code for blog followers: BLOGGIN15


In other news, this baby is awesome!

She really is.  The kid practically sleeps through the night already.  I feel very fortunate!

As far as sewing goes, I have been diligently working on quilting Evvie's quilt.  I'm about 25% done with it now, and try to pick it up and stitch whenever I get a moment in-between feeding the baby and holding the baby. ;)  It is coming along nicely!  

I am very inspired to work on some spring outfits.  I really thought my inspiration/motivation to sew and craft would die a bit after having a baby, but I have actually been more motivated to create since she was born than I have in a long time.  Interesting how that works!  Hopefully I will be able to take advantage of it...

Have a lovely week!


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A.J.A. said...

That's great she sleeps so well! My little girl is almost three and still regularly wakes up at night and hops in bed with us. It's okay as long as she doesn't kick :)