Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quilt Top Finished!

I've been borrowing my sister's machine (because mine is still not working properly), and she informed me yesterday that she needs it back for awhile.  This prompted me to get my butt in gear and work on a couple projects--Evvie's nursery rhyme quilt and my other sister's coat (which we began work on last year and I still haven't finished).  Hence a long day of sewing today, and much progress!

Evvie wanted to be in the picture. :)

The finished quilt top!

I love this square. :)  Cute little Humpty Dumpty!

The top is definitely not perfect--I have never been a very precise person, and there are a few squares here and there that aren't matched up perfectly.  But all-in-all I am happy with the result!  I am also very happy to say that all of the fabric used in this quilt top was thrifted or auctioned--I don't think I paid more than $3 for all of the materials combined.  Gotta love that!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, you can download this adorable nursery rhyme embroidery pattern HERE from 

In other news, I am still very much pregnant and hoping that that will change in the very near future.  Evvie has dropped, but her little feet are still firmly lodged in my ribcage--I think I might have permanent bruising there! ;)  In all seriousness, though, I am very very excited to meet Evelyn and begin my journey as a mother. 

I hope this December finds you all cozy and warm and having fun with winter projects!



Evie said...

First of all, congratulations on the fast approach of your little one! I'm an Eve-Lynn and go by Evie, so I also approve of your name choice ;) We are actually having our first next spring and I've got a quilt top in the works right now to recover the quilt my grandmother made for me. I may have to steal your embroidery ideas!

Tiffany Joan said...

Your quilt is beautiful. I love hand embroidery too. I've stitched up a few small wall quilt hangings with vintage embroidery. I use a free site called They have a great selection of cute patterns. Congrats on your little bundle too:)

A.J.A. said...

You did a lovely job! I love seeing how beautifully this has turned out!