Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lesson Learned

I am learning from other people's mistakes.  Namely, whoever owned the amazing lot of 1950's Vogue sewing patterns I recently acquired.

(Please excuse the Photo Booth pictures.)

MISSING: Collar, Under collar, Facing

MISSING: Skirt back and front

MISSING: Upper sleeve

MISSING: Instructions

So I am going through these gorgeous Vogue patterns, counting pieces and preparing them for listing on Etsy, and becoming extremely frustrated with the previous owner of said patterns.  For someone who took the time to secure each and every pattern envelope closed with a pin, she certainly had a knack for losing pattern pieces!  I swear, out of the twenty patterns I have gone through so far, fifteen of them were missing at least one piece!  I found an extra "Skirt Front" piece in one pattern, which makes me think that perhaps this seamstress liked to mix and match her patterns from time to time.  I can understand that.  I do that too.  However, she should have been thinking ahead to the young girl in the future who would not be able to use her beautiful patterns because they were all missing very important pieces.  Arg.

(Ok, ok, I know I can draft the missing pieces fairly easily.  It's just annoying!)

Lesson learned?  I am going to be extra careful with my pieces and make absolute sure that they are all returned to the proper envelope once I am finished with them.  I don't want some poor girl in the future to have the same frustrations that I am having now. ;p


Anyway, I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend!  Don't forget to stop by Bessie Miller Vintage for our big sale--it ends on Monday!  Oh, and check by next week--you will probably see a whole lot of beautiful 50's Vogue in my Discounted Patterns section...


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Lizzy said...

aH ! so bad, but the good news are that you can draft the pieces =)