Friday, May 25, 2012

More Garden Happenings

Not sure if anyone is really interested in this. ;)  I am, though, so I shall keep posting updates on our lovely homegrown garden. 

First up, my lovely hollyhocks!
They are really in bloom now.  Unfortunately they are still being eaten by bugs, despite my spraying.  Grr.

This is a blossom that was eaten through before it bloomed.  I suppose it still  ;)

This is what the blossoms are supposed to look like.

Dumb bugs.

My marigolds are beginning to bud!  There is something so neat about planting flowers and watching them grow and bloom.  Such a feeling of accomplishment. 

Baby cucumbers are popping up everywhere!

Somehow a couple nasturtiums have popped up with the squash I selvaged from our compost pile.  No earthy idea how--I put fresh soil in these pots, and definitely did not place any nasturtium seeds inside.  Isn't that weird? 

Last but not least, I planted our last tomato plant in a pot filled mostly with compost.  Wanted to see how it grows compared to the tomatoes we planted in garden soil.

That's all! :D  Off to make dinner.  Have a lovely weekend!


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