Thursday, May 24, 2012


You know what I love right now?

Apple Jolly Ranchers.

They make everything OK. :)



A.J.A. said...

And the food cravings begin! For me it was Cheetos. I kept a snack sized bag in the car. They were the only thing that didn't make me feel nauseous.

Bessie M. said...

I am fascinated by this craving thing. It is so bizarre!

A.J.A. said...

It was so bad! We had raised a garden with absolutely beautiful heirloom veggies and tons of them, and very shortly after becoming pregnant, I was nauseated by the smell of tomatoes. My sweet husband made jars and jars of sauce to keep them from going to waste:) I just wanted carbs.
My grandma said one of her kids was made of hot dogs from the windmill hot dog stand.
It's so funny! But I do think your body has a way of telling you what you need.