Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Boys

Um, Jerry, you have some hay on your face.

Such a beautiful goat!

Jerry is quite a runt. These two were born only one day apart, and the difference in size and stature is really amazing.

Dean and Jerry have found a devoted friend in Gracious the kitten. She likes to watch them eat hay and bat at their ears with her paws. The ear-batting doesn't seem to bother Jerry, who is a very laid-back sort of fellow, but it aggravates Dean quite a bit. When he has had enough of Gracious' taunting, he lets her have it with a little head-butt. It's hilarious to watch them interact with each other! I think I am going to paint this picture:

Jerry's coat is really coming in now! It is very different than Deans--not quite as much curl and crimp--but is is really soft and fluffy.

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