Monday, October 5, 2009

It is finally fall.

Fall is the highlight of my year. Thankfully, there is actually a little nip in the air down here in Georgia (so early!). Usually we have to wait until November for the summer weather to finally pass the hat to a colder season. Yes, this makes me happy. :)

I have been sewing in spurts, but since I began school a couple months ago (has it been that long?), I haven't really had much time to be productive, garment-construction-wise. I have been working on three different projects off-and-on throughout the past few weeks:

1. A lovely ruffle-collar blouse(#5 in my Fall Fashion Inspiration post) in cotton/silk poplin from I decided to sew this blouse completely by hand, and have gotten about half-way through with it.

2. The red corduroy jacket (#8). Yes, I am still not finished with it. I have been very uninspired to work on the poor thing lately.

3. A very darling plaid jacket (#6). I thought I had finished the darn thing last night, but unfortunately the lining was just a little off, and so I will have to re-line it. Yuck. It is really adorable--I think this might be my favorite fall garment so far. I originally planned to list it on my Etsy, but I am having second thoughts...

I'll try and get some pictures up as soon as I can. We are having a few issues with our computer uploading photos right now. Ah well! Perhaps this lovely pattern (to be listed soon on my Etsy!) will suffice? Perfect outfit for a day at the office in autumn.

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