Sunday, October 11, 2009

Plaid Jackets, Raggedy Ann, and Sewing by Hand

What a lovely day we had today. Sylvie, Esme and I started a very fun sewing project together--we are making our very own Raggedy Ann dolls! This afternoon we cut out the pattern pieces, ironed on the face transfers and began embroidering faces on our dolls. The girls did a fantastic job. I was quite impressed.

Sylvie's Raggedy

Esme's Raggedy (she also finished the "I Love You" heart on the tummy)

My Raggedy :)

I have been working on a very pretty ruffle-collared blouse, sewn completely by hand. I am super pleased with how it has turned out so far! I opted for bound buttonholes to suit the fabric, and made some pretty little covered buttons to match. My bound buttonholes are still far from perfect, but they are improving!

I've also been working on a really adorable plaid jacket. If I hadn't messed up the lining like a doofus, I'd have been finished with it by now. Oh well. Live and learn! Note also that I have yet to install the buttons. (Sorry the pictures are a little blurry--I'll get some better ones up when I'm finished)

Moi. Notice lack of buttons.

The original pattern is from the late 1940's by McCall

I made this little flower pin for the lapel. The button in the center is vintage.

Down in my room I have a stack about a mile high (ok, maybe only two feet) of fabric for my fall sewing projects. It is inpiring to look at. I wish I had more time to actually dig into it! Alas.

By the way, I've been posting some great new patterns on Etsy, and have many more that I will be putting up within the next few weeks. Be sure to check out our Etsy shop (see the link in the sidebar)!

Farewell, Weekend! I shall see you in seven days...


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Faye Lewis said...

I think your blog is simply darling. Love your designs! Thanks for commenting on my Chanel Jacket, and it's so nice to meet you.!