Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Doings

I'm so sorry.  I cannot tell you how many posts I have backed up in my brain that I have not been able to actually POST because my camera and our computer seem to be incompatible.  ARGGHHH!!!

That said, I am going to try and upload a few pictures of what we've been up to at the Miller place this past month or so.  My apologies in advance for any wacky photo distortions.  Sigh.

Yep...Buttercream likes attention.

Buttercup carries our first Christmas tree!

I was finally able to use all those wonderful vintage ornaments I've been collecting for years!

Don't you just love that rubbed off, oxidized paint look?  :D

I've been working on a very cute little dress...(view 1 w/short sleeves)

It is not very cold here in north Georgia, and doesn't really feel like winter yet.  Ah well--we usually have late winters.  Maybe it will snow again in January 2012. :)

Buttercream looks more and more pregnant every day.  I'm pretty sure she will have multiples, as she has a history of twins and has given birth many times before.  Irma on the other hand, if she is pregnant, will probably only have one kid.  Angoras usually have 1-2 kids, and young/first time mothers usually only have 1.  I guess we'll see come February!

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely December so far.  Remember to sit back and enjoy the moments of your Christmas season this year.  


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