Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What we've been up to...

1. Scarves for the bridal party to wear
We couldn't find any ready-made scarves (it's February!  Out with the winter-wear and in with the bathing suits!), so we ended up making our own out of flannel.  They were really easy to whip up...well, except for fraying the ends.  Fraying is a bit tedious.  It's worth it though. ;)

2. Bridesmaid's Gifts
I cannot disclose what the bridesmaid's gifts are on my blog, because I haven't given them yet. ;)  However I have wrapped them up.  I used plain brown gift bags from Michaels, and instead of tissue paper, recycled some old sewing patterns that were too ugly to use (mostly from the 80's and 90's, if you know what I mean).  I love wrapping with pattern tissue--it looks so different and lovely!  

3. Jacket
I sewed in the lining today, and it looks fantastic.  Now all I need to do is pick out some buttons and sew them on.  Whoop!  Hopefully the buttons will conceal my absolutely horrific and embarrassing buttonhole job.
Yes, I goofed on the buttonholes!  Sigh.  I'm going to blame it on the velvet.

The first one turned out beautiful.

The second one...not so much.

Third one, even worse.

Fourth one..eh.  A little better than the second and third, but still not ideal.

Yes, they are all slightly different sizes.  I am mortified.  Ah well--'tis life!

4. Wine Glasses
So Davis and I decided that rather than purchasing plastic wine glasses for our wedding, we would thrift wine glasses.  We bought 62 glasses  for a little over $10!  Oh yeah.  They cleaned up beautifully, and are all different shapes and sizes, which looks super cool. 

We found that the glasses stored perfectly in old empty wine boxes from Trader Joe's.  

We are going to thrift plates for the reception as well.  Yesterday we bought 30 plates for 20 cents each.  We are hoping to gather about 70 more tomorrow, and for around the same price. :)  

I really want to post about my veil, but this computer is having issues and will not let me upload my pictures. :(  So sad!  I put it together tonight, and it turned out so pretty.  Alas--the veil will get its own post later, I suppose.  

Well, I must get off the computer and sleep.  Haven't been getting a whole lot of that lately. ;)  But that's OK--I've been spending time with my best friend and preparing for our marriage and our life together.  I am full of joy. 


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Austin said...

Bess, I love your creativity and ingenuity. I think the wine glasses are awesome!

Missed you guys on Sunday, looking forward to the wedding.