Monday, February 21, 2011

Wedding Update: One More Week!

Less than one week.  Wow.  When we first became engaged, the wedding felt so far away.  Now we are here--staring it right in the face!  It is unbelievable, especially since not even a year ago I was pretty sure I would end up an old maid living up in the mountains with her goats.  

I am a blessed woman.


So I was finally able to upload some pictures of the veil, and also of a few other projects we have been working on.  Here they are (along with notes and comments from myself) for your enjoyment.  :)


The veil was very easy to make, and pretty inexpensive as well.  I ordered the Russian veiling from Judith M. Millinery Supplies, and purchased the hair combs and the flowers at Michaels.  

My inspiration for this veil came from one of my favorite Etsy shops, thehoneycomb (this listing in particular).  It took me two tries with the veiling--the first time I cut a piece that was the same width on both the top and bottom, and that didn't work out well--the part that wrapped around my face was reeaalllly tight, and the top poofed up in an awkward manner.  Thankfully I had plenty of veiling left for another try.  The second time I tapered the sides of the veiling so that the bottom of the veil was a few inches wider than the top.  Then I gathered and hot-glued the sides of the veiling to each hair comb and covered the glue with a pretty piece of ribbon.  After that I put together the flowers and attached them to the right-side comb.  Voila!


Davis and I were able to procure all the dishes that we needed from thrift stores.  We bought 115 total, and paid something close to $15 for all of them.  They are all washed and packed in boxes for the reception right now.  Yay!


Our wedding ceremony will be held outside in the mountains, and so we planned for things to be a bit chilly.  Of course now it has been in the 60's all weekend, and the weather report says to expect a high of 68F on Saturday.  That's Georgia weather for you!  Anyway, I am kind-of hoping that it will be cold, because we made some really cute glove favors for our guests!  They are simple white gloves that we bought at Wal-Mart (2 for $1), tied with ribbon and a handmade tag that says "Keep Warm" (in my little sister Esme's handwriting).  Cute, huh?

As a nod to my Italian heritage, we will give each guest at our reception a small tulle-tied bag of Jordan almonds.  My mother gave these as favors at her wedding almost 27 years ago, as her great-grandmother (Bis Nona) bade her to, and suggested I do the same. ;)


This is a horrible picture, but I figured it was better than nothing!  The jacket is finished, and looks absolutely perfect.  I love it.  I'll get some better pics up soon. 

All right, I think that is about all for now!  Have a fantastic day!



andreak said...

It is all coming along nicely. The veil looks great! Hope you have a blessed day with perfect weather.

Steven Maierson said...

I'm very excited for you! Wish I could be there, I really do. I'm there in spirit.

Bessie B. said...

Wish you could be here too, Steven! Hope all is going well with YOUR wedding plans!!!