Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Year's Resolution no. 1

Well, I made my resolutions a week or two after January 1st, but they still count, right? ;)

My first resolution is to learn German.

Back in January, as I was perusing the aisles of my favorite antique shop, I stumbled upon a vintage German curriculum, circa 1956. The curriculum was in mint condition--records still sealed in their waxy covers, workbooks clean and unmarked, receipt still inside the box. This "Living German" course promised me that in 6 weeks (and forty easy lessons), I could speak the language fluently and with a perfect native accent! Obviously I HAD to buy it. The extremely low price of $20 sealed the deal.

Here is the cover. Don't you love how the suave English gentleman is conversing fluently and with a perfect native accent with the shepherd-looking fellow in native garb? I mean, that could totally be me in six weeks!

Unfortunately, it has taken me about two months to actually begin my German lessons. The poor set has been sitting on my dresser collecting dust. Until today, that is. I had some extra time before leaving for work, so I pulled out my German course and gave 'er a try.

You know what I love about German? It is so dang similar to English. Really amazingly similar. I had so much fun *trying* to pronounce the familiar-ish words that I went through the lesson twice. Hoorah for new languages.

I won't be doing any sewing this weekend because I will be too busy setting up my GOAT PEN! Oh, and going to see Michael Buble.:) Perhaps next weekend, though...

Have a fantastic day!



Sandra Schwab said...

Viel Gl├╝ck! says the German. :)

Bessie B. said...

Thank you! :D