Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goat Pen

L-R: Eli, John, Sylvie

Sylvie, Esme, Eli, John and I have been working very hard over the past few days building a nice little home for my new goats. :) We are almost finished--just need to install the gate, feeding trough, and hay feeder, and spread some kind of ground cover (I am thinking sawdust). Although I did make a few *really* stupid mistakes (like mis-measuring the same post hole twice in a row), the pen has gone together pretty smoothly so far. And it has been cool to see that I can do something like this by myself. Quite a learning experience.

I'm not going to lie, folks. I am pretty darn excited about my little goats. I have decided to name them Dean and Jerry, after my all-time favorite comedy team. Pretty sure the little black one with white spots will be Jerry, and the white with blue eyes will be Dino. We'll see how their personalities play out.


I was planning to pick them up this weekend, but it seems that little Jerry's mother rejected him after he was dis-budded, which put him on a bottle. Thus I must wait a couple more weeks. Alas! Ah well, that will give me more time to get their pen set up nice and cozy.

Here are some pictures of the goat pen so far, and my adorable little helpers!

I took this picture before cutting off the overlapping fence section today, and didn't think to take one afterward. Whoops! The gate hinge will be attached to this post.

Um...yeah. This is the post hole that I had such a difficult time measuring for. Notice how far off I was the first time? Geez, how did I DO that?

Chicken wire all along the bottom of the fence, so that little goats don't get their little heads stuck.

Whew! This is hard work!

John picked me a blue flower and told Eli to take a picture of it. :) Dear boy.

Eli must have taken this one without my knowing it. I was attaching chicken wire to and existing fence with heavy-duty zip ties.

Hm. Not sure how this one got in here...;)

Have a fantastic day!


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