Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Arch-Nemesis

"Arch nemesis are friends from a long time ago that have more or less equivalent powers, but also have oposing ideologies. They are therefore always fighting with each other."

I have my own arch-nemesis.  His name is Rooster.  Yes, we used to be friends back in the day, when I fed him and cared for him and cleaned his nasty poopy brooder.  But things have changed.  We now have opposing ideologies.  He does not think I should be able to get anywhere near his broody hen-wife, or, in fact, exit my dwelling at all under any circumstances.  I obviously disagree.  Thus, every time I exit my home, I am hunted down, snuck up on, and attacked by Rooster.  Even though I still feed him and care for him and clean his nasty poopy chicken house.

He is very cunning and stealth.  He plays it cool.  You think you hear footsteps behind you, and when you look, all you see is a sweet little rooster pecking nonchalantly at the ground.  And then BAM!  You are hit from behind with a sharp beak and scurs.  

I'll be honest, he scares the crap out of me.

This morning I heard some scuffling on the front porch and when I peeked out, I saw the nest uninhabited, and Rooster and hen-wife no.1 standing guard while broody hen-wife dashed down the steps to grab some breakfast.  I had to laugh at the scene, and it really did make me feel a little more sympathetic toward ol' Rooster's cause.  He had a reason to feel protective--he's been guarding 16 eggs!  

(The Egg Gaurdians)

(Broody Hen, taking a breakfast break)

Said eggs should be hatching within the next week.  We are going to move broody hen-wife into the chicken pen with her eggs this weekend to make sure that they are protected from predators.  

I don't know if Rooster and I will ever come to an understanding.  The best I can do right now is keep the hose close to me and squirt him real good when he starts charging.  He doesn't seem to like being soggy. 



A.J.A. said...

That would scare me too! We never kept roosters, but our neighbors had some that free roamed and their crowing was super annoying at baby nap time! What are you going to do about him?

Bessie M. said...

Yes, the crowing at nap time is not fun--especially because he usually positions himself directly outside of baby's window. I think she has gotten used to it, though!

We are going to keep him. We want to start raising chickens, so he will be a necessity. ;) My husband is working on a larger chicken coop, and I plan to just keep Mr. Rooster locked up most of the time so I don't have to live in fear of him anymore.