Monday, July 2, 2012

Thank you!

I was blown away at all the great advice and tips you guys offered me after my "Garden Woes" post the other day.  Thank you so much!  One of you even went so far as to send me a detailed email full of fantastic information (thanks Sharon!).  Wow.

Here is what I have determined about my garden:

1. I know so little about gardening that it is almost laughable.  Really--I had no idea that it was such a complex art!  Makes me appreciate it much more that I did before.

2. Apparently my tomatoes have blossom end rot, which is due to either a calcium deficiency or irregular watering.  I'm wondering if watering has something to do with it, as it has been around 100-105F this past week and I have only been watering once a day (in the morning).  Anyway, I am going to up my watering for now and see if that works and then, if need be, get some slow-release calcium to add to my soil.

3. I am told that cucumbers need a LOT more water than I am giving them.  AND that, if they do cross-pollinate, you will not see the results of that in the fruit from this season, but in the fruit grown from the seeds of the cross-pollinated plants.  Apparently cucumbers will not grow to their full potential unless they are being watered like they need to be.  

Zucchini Murderer

4. The zucchini episode was due to moles or voles.  I had actually determined this on my own after searching the internet like crazy the day it happened.  Pretty sure we have voles, as I read that moles don't typically bother garden plants.  We do have little holes all over our yard though.  Yuck!  My mom has offered me one of their barn cats, so that will *hopefully* be our solution for this year.  Next year I am told that I should lay hardware cloth or chicken wire underneath the garden bed and that will keep the boogers out.

Thank you all again!  I've learned so much from your comments, and hopefully by applying your advice my garden will start looking a little less shabby. 

Have a lovely day!


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