Friday, January 21, 2011

Poor neglected blog!

Hello!  It's been so long since I last posted, that I hope I still have a few readers out there.

Why have I neglected my blog so as of late?  Because I am getting married.  Whoop!  That's a good reason, right?  We are planning the wedding ourselves, and only have about five more weeks until the big day, so needless to say we have been very busy.  I am going to be doing a lot of the wedding prep by hand, and I thought it might be a good idea to share our progress on various projects with you here on the blog.

There are a lot of projects I could post today, but I will start off with the main project (and the one I think you will all be most interested in):  The Dress.  Now my fiancee will not let me post any pictures of my dress, because he likes to read my blog and doesn't want to see it until the wedding day.  ;)  That's fine, because I don't really need to do anything with it.  It is a vintage dress from the 70's that I purchased last year from an antique store for $40.  Now you might be thinking tacky polyester 70's--that is not the case with this dress.  It is absolutely gorgeous, with lots of delicate lace, chiffon butterfly sleeves (ok, that's definitely 70's), and buttons all up the back.  I love it.  What I will be posting about is the jacket I am making to wear over my dress at the wedding.
The Jacket.  Oh yeah.

We are doing an outside ceremony at the end of February, up in the mountains, so we are planning on it being a little chilly.  Thus I pulled out a pattern I have been wanting to use for a long time and started sketching out some ideas.  I decided to sew it up in a rust velveteen, to go with our wedding colors.  It's going to be really pretty. :)  My fiancee helped me make a muslin for it, and got to experience the fitting process.  I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself!
He sewed together one of the sleeves, and did a fantastic job.

Me trying on the muslin.  I think I had just gotten it to fit perfectly.

The Muslin (minus one sleeve)

The new front and back pieces.

I got the fabric in early this week and cut it out yesterday.  I also began the building process (interfacing, grosgrain ribbon, etc.) and sewed together the shoulder and side seams.  It is coming along nicely, and I really love how the fabric looks.

I'll try to post more pics as I have them.  I'll also be doing some posts on wedding favors and centerpieces soon.

Have a fantastic day!


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Moxie Tonic said...

Best wishes!
I'm so excited for you, and can not wait to see photos. Especially now that you've described the dress, I'm monumentally curious now!